Quintin’s Natural Ice Cream Pints:

Has a higher fat and lower air ratio than most ice cream. This allows the natural flavor of the cream and other natural ingredients to come through.    

Vanilla Bean Made with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and infused with vanilla bean.

Creole Cream Cheese I recapture this flavor from an old New Orleans Dairy, a fresh farmer style cheese with sweet, tart flavor.

Brandy Milk Punch a classic New Orleans drink by frozen scoops.

Milk Chocolate  A pronounced cocoa taste with a creamy subtle touches.

Café’ au Lait A Real New Orleans tradition, flavor of dark roast coffee and chicory.

Double Chocolate A blend of two styles of cocoa.

Roasted Strawberry Creole  Fresh oven roasted strawberry with creole cream cheese is like eating strawberry pie with a topping of creole cream cheese.

Salty Caramel An amber sugar and sea salt ice cream.

Seasonal Ice Cream A seasonal flavor Ice Cream. 

Quintin’s Natural Sorbet Pints:

Has a higher fruit - lower sugar ratio than most sorbets. This will allow the natural flavor of the fruit to come through while keeping the calorie amount lower.  

Southern Strawberry  Sun ripened fresh Louisiana and Florida strawberries.

Mango Tango  Alphonso, the name says it all. Also known as the King of mangoes.

Coconut - Pineapple   Made with unsweetened coconut cream with pieces of pineapple.

Sassy Satsuma   Made with fresh Louisiana Satsuma. We  only make this during our short winter season. 

Lemon a refreshing scoop of summer time.

Blackberry   Bursting with blackberries in every spoon.

Chocolate   Simply the best Fudgesicle that you can eat with a spoon.

Seasonal Sorbet  A seasonal flavor Sorbet.